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JB Marketing

A pathway to leadership

As a recruit at JB Marketing, you will feel privileged to be part of a committed team dedicated to their clients and maintain a favorable workplace by prioritizing their associates. We praise and recognize the hard work put in by each of our team members. We also ensure that we will equip our associates with the tools to excel in our organization.

JB Marketing is hiring entry-level talent to join its Entrepreneurship Training Program.

You can utilize JB Marketing’s Training Program, designed to provide our team with the resources and skills to succeed. Here, we maximize all team members’ potential, current and new. That’s why each person has the key to relevant educational resources through us. Our entrepreneurship training program also helps associates learn business skills for managing successful ventures, including overseeing and working with people.

Our perspective is that when our people grow,
so do we.

We pair new employees with a leader who will help them polish their skills and drive them to become leaders in the future. You can use the means we provide you to experience all we can offer across worldwide industries. This introduction to upper-level management gives you a crash course in what it takes to thrive in marketing. Then, as you put your expertise to work in the area, you will get real-time feedback to refine your capabilities and strategy.

  • When you work for JB Marketing., you open the door to an exciting career full of possibilities.

    As much as we want our associates to excel at their respective jobs, we also want them to join a workplace where they can have fun. We organize a vast number of events for our associates aimed at lighting their moods. Such events allow our associates to work in various areas and learn from industry professionals. Our associates’ exposure to this will go a long way in teaching them the skills required to thrive in our organization.

  • Embark on a satisfying career

    Over the years, we have seen that investment in people has allowed us to expand and diversify into a medium-sized firm. We have kept resilience and profitability in this environment of change and growth. Apart from that, we offer a training program that pushes our marketers to improve themselves as marketers and succeed in our business.

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