JB Marketing

We are a direct marketing agency that highlights enhancing our clients’ companies.

We work with all-size companies, but we feel our soft spot is businesses requiring a marketing team that can encourage clients’ teams or drive with their plan, allowing them to focus on running their business. At JB Marketing, we’ve built a network of the best strategists and marketers, creatives and developers, and some of the loveliest people you’ll ever meet: We love coming to work every day and embracing new challenges.

Why do we use direct marketing?

At JB Marketing, we pull on years of experience in the industry to help our clients achieve their commercial goals. We use direct marketing over online marketing. Online marketing is helpful as it costs little for firms to connect to new people, and it is usually much faster to create digital promotions than print ones.

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Marketing Strategy

Direct marketing techniques empower us to be more personal with our new customers. Our goal has always been to form long-term partnerships with clients while performing with them from the initial stage to the final product launch and beyond as a marketing agency. We’re always looking for new ways to update our skills, which means we’re always acquainted with all the latest devices, buzzwords, and technologies. We feel encouraged when we get solutions to problems.


JB Marketing is hiring entry-level talent to join its
Entrepreneurship Training Program.

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Core Values

  • Shared Dedication
  • Learning On the Journey

If we had to pick one of our single descriptive features, it would be our commitment to the client’s needs and long-term growth. It may be a cliché, but nothing is too much trouble for our clients. We will make it a point to do our best to ensure their campaigns are successful. We analyze, plan, and thrive on giving the best solutions for our clients. We like what we do, enjoy marketing, and welcome new challenges with excitement. Our clients feel the devotion every day.

We know learning never stops, which is why we see every failure as an opportunity to learn. Also, our training allows our new associates to build themselves and learn the skills required to excel in business. And once they complete their initial program, they move on to handle sales teams with specializations in many areas, including Direct sales and promotional events, marketing and advertising.

  • Out of the Ordinary
  • Down-to-Earth

Direct marketing techniques allow us to be more personal with our new buyers. Details matter. We recognize that little mistakes can lead to significant issues. We constantly seek greatness in everything we do and challenge ourselves to be better today than we were yesterday, even in little matters. We’re qualified and deep thinkers and work with clients to provide the best possible results.

We stay true to ourselves, what we do and what matters most: to turn clients’ objectives into reality. We hold ourselves accountable and speak up when required with our down-to-earth attitude. We are approachable, responsible and responsive. We do not pretend we have all the answers but try to find solutions. We are straightforward and unpretentious.

Innovative ideas, bold decisions, and a cheerful attitude bring and strengthen us jointly. So we are delighted when new people join: people who can inspire our team and relate to our values. To enter, please send us a cover letter and your resumé to hr@jbmarketinginc.com